How to get the cheapest Airfare

cheapest way to fly

Let’s be honest we all can use a vacation from time to time, but most people who don’t travel think that flying cost too much. This is a legit fear plane tickets have known to get sky high rates.Today I am going ot discuss how to get the cheapest airfare for the best price.


Honestly Spirit gets a lot of flack for being the “cheap” airline but here’s the thing, as long as they don’t crash it doesn’t matter how “cheap” they are. The whole goal is to save money on your flight so that you can have more money to spend on your actual vacation and on things you like. Here are some frills that you won’t get when you fly with them.

  • No first class seats. While they do have larger seats you can choose from spirit does not actually have a first class section.
  • Small seats. The majority of the seats on the plane for normal customers are fairly small, don’t expect a lot of arm room.
  • No food. That’s right they don’t serve food. They do however come around with beverages one time during your flight. This consist of soda, juice, and even alcoholic beverages.

Air Tran

Air Tran is the second cheapest airline. The advantage they have over Spirit is that they have more locations giving you more places to travel. Air Tran does charge a separate fee for baggage which should be considered when you look at the price of the ticket. Air Tran tickets are easy to get by going to their website.


If for some reason both Spirit and Air Tran are booked, or not available in you cities, then the next best bet would be to try Expedia. Expedia works by gathering the best price from each airline, compiling a list and giving it to the users on their site. Although Expedia is a third party, they still have an excellent customer service team, and can even offer benefits such as flight cancellation insurance.  Expedia has been around for many years and is just as trusted as many of the major airlines that they work directly with the bring you the best price

Other thoughts

If you are truely looking for the absolute best prices on the web, then you need to separate your results by days. Airlines generally have certain times of the week that are cheaper to fly. This is also true on a larger seasonal scale. It will generally be cheaper to fly in the winter than summer. This is because most people try to vacation in the summer while kids have a break from school and the airlines know this. If these prices still seem a bit steep, you may want to consider taking a train.

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