Taking The Train

taking the train

The train is a time-tested way to commute. It’s old school but it’s come a long way from the old days. Trains are practical and a relaxing way to travel. In this post I am going to discuss three reasons you should be taking the train on your next trip.


The first reason on our list that you should be taking the train to commute is the absolute relaxation involved in being a passenger. Think about it. There is no reason to not to kick back, most train rides are fairly long and can take hours to reach the destination. Since you are not driving you are free to just chill. Trains normally offer food and if you’re of legal age, you can usually score some alcohol for to help take the edge off. Many people enjoy trains because of how nostalgic they are, and even if you decide to use the time to catch up on work most modern trains are now equipped with wifi!


That’s right I know your inner cheapskate is more than happy to know this. Train tickets are generally at least 3 times cheaper than plane tickets for the same destination. This means you can travel far distances and have more money left to enjoy your trip. I was always taught that the more you save on travel, the more you can actually spend on fun stuff. Being frugal is a good thing though. Bask in your financial savvy decision as you board the train


There are literally thousands of train stations across the country. This means that you won’t have your trips limited by where you can travel. Most major cities in the US have a train station designated for those of us who choose to take it. Most train stops are also near bus stops so when you arrive, if you don’t have a rental car, you will still be able to make it to your desired destination

Final words

Hopefully, this post on 3 reasons taking the train is awesome, has convinced you to give our train system a try next time you want to travel. Train riding has certainly slowed down over the last decade but it is not dead.

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