Self Balance Boards

best self balance board

One of the coolest ways to get around is on a self-balance board. If you have never heard of a self balance baord then you may wonder what it is. Self balance boards also known as hoverboards have been around for the past few years. They were first made popular with the release of the IO Hawk. Self balnce boards are a fantastic way to get around if you have a short commute.

best self balance boardHow do self-balance boards work?

Self balancing scooters work off two pressure sensitive plates on each side. The pressure plates control movement and are controlled by the riders shift in weight. Pressure to only one side makes the board do a sharp turn and makes the rider go in a circle. Even pressure on either plate either toward the front or the back controls the scooter ability to go forward and backwards. By checking out some self balance board reviews, you can even find models with extra features such as remotes and speakers.

Controversy with balance boards

There has been a lot of controversy over the past year about self-balance boards when a lot of these models started catching on fire. At first, the reason was unknown, but then it was evident that the battery was to blame. Because so many Chinese manufacturers started looking for ways to cut cost, they started using a cheaper battery. The cheaper battery would work as nrmal, but if the balance board was left plugged in to charge for too long, they would catch fire and in some cases explode. This caused self-balance boards to be banned from many online sites including Amazon. This was fixed in 2016 when UL 2272 certification became necessary. The new certification requirement made sure all batteries were inspected for high quality.

They are a great way to travel

While you certainly won’t get the range that a plane or a train can provide, self balance boards are a great way to commute for long trips. The best thing about it is after the relatively low upfront cost, the self balancing scooters are virtually free to operate. Because they run on a rechargeable battery all you have to do is find an outlet. These boards certainly do last quite a while. You will definitely turn heads when they catch you on one of these babies riding through the suburban streets.

Last Words

If you decide to get one of these make sure you check out some reviews to make sure you get the model that is best suited for you. They make many different models and as a general rule if you can afford to stay away from chinese knock-offs it is advised. If you can get a legitimate brand, they usually are backed with a pretty good warranty and you can bet that they have a great brand of battery installed.

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